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What is NFTaaS?

NFT as a Service (NFTaaS) allows you to create new services or migrate existing ones to the blockchain easily at a fraction of the cost of current centralised solutions.
Any service that works with assets, licenses, tickets or activity tracking is prone to NFT-ification. And many others will start using NFTs as the technology matures and gets widely used.

Your organisation can start offering services using the digital contract solutions enabled by NFTs. Such services vary from creating digital merchandising of your collections to using NFTs for customer management, legal services, financial services and many others that can benefit from the many advantages offered by the blockchains, including very high availability, strong security, native protection against tampering, low cost compared to centralised solution, and many others.

Yaluba provides the tools to create your NFT-based services linked and integrate them in your current service offering. We provide templates for most common NFT contract types, but you can also define contracts of your own. No knowledge if blockchain or WEB3 is required.