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While the hype of NFTs may be over, their enormous disruptive potential is only starting to become evident, and it is only a matter of time before they are adopted in mainstream processes and applications, from merchandising to ticketing to legal services.

So far, everything related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, including NFT’s, has been surrounded by a chaotic cloud of hype, euphoria, and apparent lack of common sense that created a bubble that exploded in early 2022. As always, the calm comes after the storm, and the waves bring the remains of the shipwreck to the shore. Order is restored and whatever is left can be used to build new, useful, tools.

So far, the absolute lack of user-friendliness has outcasted blockchain usage to dark territories and very specialised use cases. Usability must and will improve a lot soon and this will become a driver to create and move services to the blockchain. The easier they are to use, the faster will be their adoption rate by the global society. This is where Yaluba stands for NFTs. Yaluba will enable widespread use of NFT’s in ways that meet the crypto skills of all users.

Yaluba is the first NFT as a Service (NFTaaS) solution in the market that allows companies and institutions to streamline their NFT offering to customers, whether it is for legally binding virtual representations of real assets or pure merchandising. Yaluba is “contract” independent allowing for all type of asset transactions.

Stay tuned for the NFT revolution.

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